Vision, Mission, Goal and Values



TDSP wants to see a peaceful society in which all Cambodian people have better quality of life.



To promote sustainable socio-economic development and democracy for people in rural community through livelihood skills building, provision of access to seed capital, and advocacy activities



Livelihood of people in rural community improved and the rule of laws reinforced and respected




1.              TDSP believes that the commitment to work both staff and communities will

           reach the common goal.


2.              TDSP believes that capacities and qualities of life of the poor communities will

           be better through TDSP contributions.


3.              TDSP believes that based practice all activities on good governance will lead to

            the positive social change.



2-         Brief Description of Organization

Tekdeysovanphum (TDSP) directly translating, as “Golden Village " is a Cambodia local non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organization, which was founded in December 09, 1997,and have officially registered and approved by the Ministry of Interior of Royal Government Cambodia. The purpose of TDSP is Livelihood of people in rural community improved and the rule of laws reinforced and respected


A Cambodian (later on as founder) with an expatriate colleague recognized a range of social and economical issues of rural remote people resulted from Cambodian chronic civil war as a huge numbers of Cambodian people returned from refugee camps near Thai Boarders.  To respond to the needs of these poor Cambodian people, to which time founder and his friend worked on volunteer’s basis. The initial activity of TDSP focuses on agricultural field such as establish and maintain the water treadle and hand pumps for home gardening and rice field purposes. TDSP  committed to serve Cambodian people at the grass-root level, poor rural remote community including; women, , internal displace people, disable person, elderly, children, demobilize soldier and minorities as well as other vulnerable group by engaging them in participatory community development activities, which help them to improve the quality of their lives and living conditions.


TDSP has 14- staff at present time (7- women and 7- men) all TDSP staff received deeply knowledge’s and gained experiences related to their works since 2000.  Apart from that TDSP staff gained capacities and experiences on Organizational Development “development management and financial management” from VBNK/IPP 2006-2008. Through the above experiences, TDSP has emerged as a very highly competence, efficient and well-qualified local NGO working to aid the rural poor and disadvantaged communities to become self-reliant and self-sufficient and sustainable livelihood.


So far, TDSP has carried out its activities over two-province is BanteayMeanchey and Siemreap provinces;.  BanteayMeanchey Province was implementing over 12-village, 9-commune of 4 districts (Malay, Sereisophoan, Svay Chek  and ThmoPouk districts) on the activities of Integrated Rural Community Development like; home gardening, cow bank, animal raising, credit scheme, basic health Hiv/Aids/Std and nutrition education, environmental and gender as well as land law awareness education and community forum on land issues awareness and grassroots advocacy.


Siem Reap Province was implementing over 31-village, 14-commune of 5 districts (Kralanh, Sreysnam, Angkorthom, Soutr nikum and Chikraeng districts) on the activities of foundation of land law awareness education.


The total of both provinces have 1,123 rural poor families (5,618 people, in which 3,831 women) received direct benefit from the program.


Each targeted villages TDSP have functional village development committee (VDC) and project support committee (PSC) whom are responsible for community development and development priorities. All village development committee (VDC) and project support committee (PSC) have been chosen by fair and justice democratically elected from villagers. Furthermore, TDSP have provided series of training to VDC and PSC like community management and development, recording, agriculture technical, monitoring etc to increase their capacities.


Up to now, significant achievements of TDSP are:

·         Program encourages women to participate and as the results, women realized the benefits and actively participated in the program.

·         Human resource in the community, where TDSP works, increased in term of agricultural techniques, community organizing, advocacy, gender, and social well-being as well as environmental issues.

·         Poor people in community have increased their income sources through having access to micro credit, and saving activities. At the same time, people understood the benefits of saving and mobilized it in the villages.

·         Quality and living conditions of community improved, e.g. less diseases, less domestic violence, less land conflict and human rights abuses, more children can go to schools and people can self-solve problems.

·         Target areas of TDSP expanded due to community demands.

·         More good cooperation and involvement from all levels of authorities

·         Social justice has improved in TDSP target areas.

·         TDSP staff members learnt and gained a range of professional experiences, and have improved their skills and abilities in program delivery.

·         Systems and policies necessary for organizational functioning improved, such as financial policy and procedures, organizational structure etc.,


Donors Agency

TDSP has supported fund from;


Year/s                                     Title                                                    Donor                        

2002-2003                            Integrated Rural Community Development                   ICCO                                     

2004-2006                            Integrated Rural Community Development                   ICCO                                     

2007                                       Land law Education (BanteayMeanchey province)     ECOSORN” EU”

2007                                       Land law Education (Siemreap province)                     ECOSORN”EU

2007                                       Pig Rising and Environmental Education                      Bushido/Palm Tree

2007-2008                            Integrated Rural Community Development                   ICCO                 


         TDSP Organization Chart

Board of Directors

Management Team


Admin Unit

Account Unit

Program Unit
















Micro-Finance Project

saving, credit & self-help group


Agriculture Project

cow& pig bank, home garden

& compost fertilizer


Health Project

basic, Hiv/Aids/Sti

& Nutrition issues

Democracy Project

advocacy / rights & laws








TDSP has Board of Director with 5 members (1-Japanese, 1-Netherlands, 1 France, 1- Philippines and 2- Khmer), who have experiences in NGO work, and good reputation in society. The board are plays vital role to ensure accountability of the organization to its stakeholders and build reputation of TDSP to outsiders. The board supposed to meet three times a year.